Temperature Test – Stockists Of ETI Thermometers

Thermometer calibration

Weighing Scales Ltd have a sister company called Temperature Test. Both are equally service led and both build lasting business relationships that will be of reliable, efficient service to you and your company for many years to come.
Our main mode of business at Weighing Scales Ltd and at Temperature Test is calibration work. For on-site calibration of weighing scales, weights, temperature equipment and humidity equipment, we come to you, thus avoiding downtime in production. For in-house calibration of weighing scales, weights, temperature equipment and humidity equipment, you send your equipment to us; meaning we can still honour your preferred calibration date even if we are unable to visit site on the day. Not only that, but Temperature Test guarantee a fast, 48 hour turnaround, on all in-house testing!
However, should you not require any service work and simply need to buy some new scales, weights, temperature products or humidity products, you can of course still come to us. Our aim is to be the very best in the market for servicing and calibration, thus for sales, we will only supply the very best equipment possible in order to protect our long-standing reputation. We are therefore official stockists for the UK’s largest digital thermometer manufacturer, Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd (ETI Ltd) and for Michell Instruments.
For service, calibration or supply of weighing scales, weights, linear measures or microscopes, contact Weighing Scales Ltd to discuss your requirements. For service, calibration or supply of catering thermometers, industrial thermometers, infrared thermometers, data loggers, humidity meters, hygrometers and more, contact Temperature Test instead to discuss.
We can also provide free, independent advice on meeting audit conformance requirements.

Temperature Test Exclusive Recommendation:

The new Superfast Thermapen 4 Thermometer from ETI – £50 ex VAT
• Patented, automatic 360° rotational display (truly ambidextrous)
• Reaches temperature in just 3 seconds
• Auto intelligent backlit display
• Waterproof to IP66/67
• Range from -49.9° to 299.9°

Call 01282 615645 or email [email protected] to purchase.