pH Meter Calibration

pH meter calibration

Almost all processes containing water have a need for pH measurement. It’s one of the most common measurements used in industrial processes because pH plays an integral part in everyday life (and in the life of most living organisms).

Knowledge of pH to greater or lesser accuracy is useful, often critical, in areas such as chemical laboratory work, research and development, agriculture, healthcare, water supply, wastewater management and food or drink processing. For example, without accurate pH measurements, shampoos could burn your eyes, crops may not grow, disinfectants may not be lethal to germs, food may be unsafe for consumption and water, the most common substance known to man, could actually turn fatal!

pH meters accurately translate voltage measurements into pH measurements.
Keeping your pH meters (or testers) properly calibrated, is necessary for industry compliance.

Weighing Scales Ltd service, calibrate and repair all forms of weighing equipment, for which we are long established and renown for (are you SOLAS compliant??).
Our sister company, Temperature Test, calibrate temperature and humidity devices, but have now added calibration of pH meters to our ever extending list of services…. with conductivity testing on the horizon!

We’re well on the way to becoming a one-stop-calibration-shop and can offer in-house testing or on-site testing by bringing the lab to you.
If compliance with the law is a requirement of your industry, if you have auditors to appease and keep at bay, get in touch now to discuss how we can be of service to you.

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