New Range Of Ohaus Laboratory Equipment

ohaus shaker

New Range Of Ohaus Laboratory Equipment – Shakers, Mixers, Heaters, Stirrers, Centrifuges & Clamps

For many years, Weighing Scales Ltd have sold Ohaus laboratory balances to chemical, analytical and quality control laboratories. Ohaus have a large range of balances and scales, with accuracy from 0.01mg. The new range of laboratory equipment compliments their already extensive range of laboratory balances and weights.


ohaus centrifuge

Ohaus Mini Centrifuge

ohaus clamp

Ohaus Dual Adjust Clamp

ohaus hotplate & stirrer

Ohaus Mini Hotplate & Stirrer











The new Ohaus range of shakers give you a selection of motions; orbital, rocking, waving and reciprocating shakers. There are a range of speeds; slower for the larger samples, and faster for the smaller samples. Samples of different sizes can be accommodated with a full range of tube racks or flask clamps for each shaker. Incubating and cooling models are available and if reproducibility is important, then a digital (as opposed to an analogue) shaker can be used. Ohaus shakers are perfect for life science applications such as ELISA assays, cell cultures, protein studies, solubility studies and more.


The new range of Ohaus vortex mixers allow you to mix it up in the laboratory, perfect for life science applications such as re-suspending liquids, mixing reagents, genotyping, cell disruptions and more.

Dry Block Heaters

Ohaus’ new range of dry block heaters have a wide range of block accessories to accommodate different sample types like microtubes, microplates, test tubes and vials. The Ohaus heaters can heat up to 150°C and if reproducibility is important, then a digital (as opposed to an analogue) shaker can be used. Block heaters are available with heated lids, for if condensation causes a problem with assays.


The Ohaus range of stirrers, hotplates and hotplate-stirrers are perfect for life science applications, dissolving buffers and reagents, preparing media, concentrating samples etc. The Ohaus hotplate stirrer can heat up top 500°C and stir up to 1200rpm.


Ohaus’ range of centrifuges help you to spin samples with volume ranges from 0.2-250ml. In addition, the refrigerated centrifuge models can keep samples cool even when running at the maximum speed. Ohaus centrifuges are perfect for life science applications such as sample preparation, cell pelleting, nucleic acid extraction, immunoprecipitation and more.


Ohaus have a range of lab jaw clamps and supports to hold your samples. Ohaus lab jaw clamps can hold whatever you want to hold in the laboratory, and are ideal for life science applications such as chromatography, distillations, titrations, fume hood applications and more.

Weighing Scales Ltd and Temperature Test Service backup and support

Weighing Scales Ltd offer after sales support to ensure that you are supported with on-site warranty for 2 years for Ohaus equipment. In addition, our sister company Temperature Test will test and certify your equipment if there is a heating element. It all adds up to a fabulous new range of equipment, fully supported by Weighing Scales Ltd’s excellent service back up.

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